[pmwiki-users] Fixing an abandoned Cookbook recipe (SlimTableOfContents)

Alexander Cherry lxndr at asu.edu
Sun Sep 4 13:24:30 CDT 2016

After a private correspondence with Peter Bowers (which I thought was on
this list but apparently was just to his private email and wasn't sent to

We solved this using the following approaches:

   1. Change any Markup whose third argument had a /e to Markup_e (and
   remove the /e)
   2. Change any occurrence in the entire text of '$1' or '$2' to \$m[1] or

And it works now.  Huzzah!

On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 1:22 PM, Alexander Cherry <lxndrc at gmail.com> wrote:

> since the author has abandoned the script, and apparently using pmwiki
> entirely, I'm trying to fix the cookbook recipe called "SlimTableOfContents"
> As it is written, it is giving that preg_replace_callback error and a
> diagnostic (action ruleset) gave me this:
> toc >nl1 B>><>> ! file: /home/public/confessional/cookbook/slimtoc.php,
> line: 167, pat: /\(:([#\*])?toc:\)(.*)$/se
> checking line 167 showed me a function using Markup changing Markup to
> Markup_e gave me yet another error, in another file:
> toc >nl1 B>><>> ! file: /home/public/confessional/pmwiki.php, line: 1671,
> pat: /\(:([#\*])?toc:\)(.*)$/se
> But I can't figure out how to "fix" line 1671 of pmwiki.php  (nor am I
> sure if it needs fixing, since this error disappears when I remove the
> include line from the config)
> If it helps I'm using version 2.2.90
> ---
> Can anyone give me any guidance?
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