[pmwiki-users] Fixing an abandoned Cookbook recipe (SlimTableOfContents)

Alexander Cherry lxndr at asu.edu
Thu Sep 1 15:29:52 CDT 2016

since the author has abandoned the script, and apparently using pmwiki
I'm trying to fix the cookbook recipe called "SlimTableOfContents"

As it is written, it is giving that preg_replace_callback error and a
diagnostic (action ruleset) gave me this:

toc >nl1 B>><>> ! file: /home/public/confessional/cookbook/slimtoc.php,
line: 167, pat: /\(:([#\*])?toc:\)(.*)$/se

checking line 167 showed me a function using Markup changing Markup to
Markup_e gave me yet another error, in another file:

toc >nl1 B>><>> ! file: /home/public/confessional/pmwiki.php, line: 1671,
pat: /\(:([#\*])?toc:\)(.*)$/se

But I can't figure out how to "fix" line 1671 of pmwiki.php  (nor am I sure
if it needs fixing, since this error disappears when I remove the include
line from the config)

If it helps I'm using version 2.2.90


Can anyone give me any guidance?
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