[pmwiki-users] Translation problems with form added into $HandleBrowseFmt

Peter Kay pkay42 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 09:40:31 CST 2016

Sorry, code snippet might should have included:

(in main cookbook file:)

global $pagename;
$fpn=FmtPageName('$[Editing {*$FullName}]', $pn);
$xl=XL('$[Editing {*$FullName}]');
SDV($EL['FormText'], "\nTest results: pn: $pn, fpn, $fpn, xl, $xl\n");
function MarkupCallback() {
  global $EL;
  return $EL['FormText'];

function AddForm() {
     global $EL, $HandleBrowseFmt, $PageStartFmt, $PageRedirectFmt, $PageEndFmt;
     SDV($HandleBrowseFmt,array(&$PageStartFmt, &$PageRedirectFmt, '$PageText',
         &$EL['FormText'],  //slip ourselves in after page text


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