[pmwiki-users] Translation problems with form added into $HandleBrowseFmt

Peter Kay pkay42 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 21:09:06 CST 2016

I have a (block level) form I want to add (once) to a page if certain
markup is present on the page.  Adding it with the first occurrence of
the markup doesn't work - the markup is inline.

I have added code to slip it into the $HandleBrowseFmt array (right
before $PageEndFmt) (similar to the way Live Edit does*).

That works quite well, except....translation strings are behaving
weirdly.  A specific case in point: $[Editing {*$FullName}] .  I
cannot seem to convince pmwiki to properly handle it - instead of
"Editing Main.HomePage" I get "Editing {*Main.HomePage}"  It seems
$FullName is being resolved before the translation?...

Is there some trick I should be doing to make these translation
strings work properly in text added to $HandleBrowseFmt?  Is
$HandleBrowseFmt entirely the wrong way to go, and should I be adding
my block of html to the end of the page some other way?

Help and suggestions much appreciated!


* BTW, if this IS the right way to add a form/weird popup div/etc, it
might be a good idea to have a standard hook for adding to

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