[pmwiki-users] ResponsiveGrid usage

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Thu Nov 3 18:55:42 CDT 2016

> (:div4 class="lf75 frame clear":)
> Lorem ipsum
>>>rf50 bgcolor=yellow<<
> pippo
> (:div4end:)

> yet I cannot find a way to let it work (trying on a 2016 skin install).

I assume you followed  the installation guide of the recipe, and put
grid.css into the pub/css/ folder, and added

@import 'grid.css';

to pub/css/local.css.

What I did not write, was: you need to add the @import rule at the
beginning of local.css, before any normal css rules, otherwise it will
not work.

You could also just copy the whole content of grid.css and paste it
into local.css.

grid.css is part of the Amber skin, but I added it as a separate
recipe module for use in other skins, in case there was interest, in
which case pub/css/local.css would be a good place to add or import
the grid.css rules.

I'll change the installation guide accordingly.


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