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I'm the author of http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/JjsCMS which -  
combined with my other recipes - provides a method to publish selected  
pages from a PmWiki as static html. This recipe, while quit complex to  
get running, could still be of use, but hasn't been updated for many  

Meanwhile I have found what in my mind is a better, more PmWiki-like  
approach. It allows to have a locked down public PmWiki (with editing  
completely disabled), based on a pagestore that is fed from an access  
restricted PmWiki where you can edit and publish pages. Thus it's  
possible to make use of PmWiki's dynamic constructs and search. To my  
own surprise it seems I never published this advanced version of  
JjsCMS on pmwiki.org, or maybe it vanished some time ago.

If this sounds interesting to you, I'd try to publish my current  
version on pmwiki.org.


Zitat von Lee Gold <leegold at operamail.com>:

> Hi,
> I want to use pmwiki for a website, as a "CMS" I suppose. It has a clean
> direct approach I like compared to the CMS's I've tried. Also it's
> oriented for users/editor prople to update easily - most CMS's seem like
> webpage builders without the emphasis on implementing updating later by
> non-admins...
> I want the home page or what would be called the index page to not be
> the wiki main page but have "home" be a "clean slate" - a conventional
> web home page. where I can have the side menu. text content, images -
> usual stuff.
> How could I do this?  Thanks.
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