[pmwiki-users] Link Markup with Classes

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Mar 6 23:37:55 CST 2016

Yes, unfortunately, %apply=link% will apply the styles to all links on 
the same line. You need a line break, for example:

   * %apply=link class="A B"%[[url | A]]%% -
     %apply=link class="C D"%[[url | B]]%%


If you haven't enabled literal line breaks, there will be no difference 
in the output.

On 2016-03-07 01:03, DaveG wrote:
> I'm trying to apply classes to separate links on a single line.
>   %apply=link class=A%[[url | A]]%% - %apply=link class=B%[[url | B]]%%
> Expected is class A on the first link, and class B on the second link.
> What actually happens is class B on both links.
> What is the correct markup to use?
> Note, that my actual use case is much more complex, more along the 
> lines of:
>    * %apply=link class="A B"%[[url | A]]%% - %apply=link class="C
> D"%[[url | B]]%%

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