[pmwiki-users] galleria problem

peter gragert P.Gragert at kpnmail.nl
Thu Jun 23 02:58:24 CDT 2016


Got extra buttons to change the waiting time for next picture in the
galleria by
adding a form and click-option in the galleria-classic.js 


Have a look http://pkhg.nl/Achilles/dias_galleria/galleria_tut.html 


But now I have a problem how to use ./cookbook/galleria/galleria.php to only
be used/called from pages containing >>galleria<< . >><< 


A list of pages needed ? (containing the markup?).


Not solved yet: after stopping the auto function, say it stops at picture 3
, how to run again but starting at 3 . The example above starts with new
auto = xxx value at picture 1 ?!




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