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peter gragert P.Gragert at kpnmail.nl
Fri Jun 17 01:57:41 CDT 2016

Hi, I am very fond of the galleria addon.


I have a big wish: How to add buttons or , such that a user can change the
autoplay parameter

AND to change the pauseOnInterAction parameter from true to false and back
again ;-)


Addding this and that in classic-demo.html

I got jQuery changes done using a form with three radio buttons. This works
. but now in PmWiki!?



      $('#myForm input').on('change', function() {

      var result = $('input[name=auto]:checked', '#myForm').val();


      var welkplaatjenu = galleria_object.get('active')[0]['_active']

      //alert("PKHG nr = " + welkplaatjenu);

      if (result == "off"){

      galleria_object.configure({'pauseOnInteraction': true})

      //PKHG>lijkt te werken


      else if (result == "on") {

         galleria_object.configure({'pauseOnInteraction': false,

      'autoplay': 1000});


      } else if (result = "5sec"){

         galleria_object.configure({'pauseOnInteraction': false,

      'autoplay': 5000});


      } else if (result = "10sec") {

      alert("overgangstijd automaat ca 10 seconden");

      galleria_object.configure({'pauseOnInteraction': false,










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