[pmwiki-users] Cross-site variables

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 08:52:26 CDT 2016

If that can help, for the alternative way,
one quick step might be to evaluate if that old and tiny recipe would
get the job done :
(I believe, because it is a sort of include, grabbing to siteA the
source from external siteB page, it must have include limitations.)

You might also consider of a file transfer/synchronization tool which
would automatically copy file from site A to site B.

You might also need to set up a farm, then use a specific file sharing recipe.


2016-07-24 23:03 GMT+02:00 kirpi at kirpi.it <kirpi at kirpi.it>:
> I have two websites in a cheap, shared hosting service, so most probably
> running in different servers outside my control.
> Say one is example.com and the other one is example.org
> Is there any way to "read" the PTVs of one site and show them on the other
> one?
> If I set $:VariableX on www.example.com/Group/Page there is absolutely no
> way to let someone type www.example.org/Group1/Page1 and have the
> $:VariableX displayed?
> As an alternative, no way to "rewrite" the www.example.com/Group/Page url to
> appear www.example.org/Group1/Page1 ?
> Thanks!
> Luigi
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