[pmwiki-users] Blocked loading mixed active content

pce at accesswave.ca pce at accesswave.ca
Tue Jul 12 06:30:32 CDT 2016

Quite right - I had specified the protocol in two variables in 
local/config.php. I changed $ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl to relative URLS 
and all is now well.



On 2016-07-11 7:34 PM, Petko Yotov wrote:
> You should never have to make changes that would be overwritten upon 
> upgrade: for the core and for many recipes there are variables and 
> hooks that allow you to have all your changes in your own local files. 
> If there is no variable or hook for what you need, we add one - see 
> PmWiki Philosophy #5.
> In your case, I suspect in a local configuration file 
> (local/config.php) there is some hardcoded variable among $ScriptUrl, 
> $PubDirUrl, $FarmPubDirUrl. If any of these point to the wrong 
> protocol, your pages may appear without any styles (fonts, colors, 
> scripts, embedded pictures).
> Start by changing $ScriptUrl to the correct HTTPS location. 
> $(Farm)PubDirUrl could be set to a relative path, eg "/pmwiki/pub", or 
> to the full URL.
> If this is not enough to fix all errors, review the recipes/modules 
> you use, and other local configuration (directories local and scripts) 
> and fix them. Or tell us and we'll fix them.
> Petko
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> On 2016-07-11 21:21, pce at accesswave.ca wrote:
>> Hi, all-
>> I've updated the .htaccess file on my site to translate all incoming
>> requests from "http://xxx" to "https://xxx" - or at least I had. When
>> I did this PmWiki stopped working, due to hard-coded "http" requests
>> in various places. The typical error message in the FireFox (and
>> Chrome) console logs was
>> Blocked loading mixed active content "http://xxx.org/wiki/pub/skins/..."
>> There were errors with many files, not just those in the skin.
>> My version is 2.2.28.
>> Short of editing a lot of code (which might get overwritten next time
>> I upgrade) any suggestions on how to get around this? I could add a
>> special RewriteCond rule, just for PmWiki, to my .htaccess file but
>> that seems a bit extreme.
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