[pmwiki-users] Link for thumbs, in Thumblist (for Petko)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jan 21 09:45:49 CST 2016

The pages are *not* using this kind of pattern. My guess is that your 
internet connection passes through some aggressive 
caching/speeding/recoding/ad-blocking proxy which rewrites the page.

The IP address belongs to "SFR", a French telephone and 
internet provider.

My guess is that if you open other pages with pictures from the same 
connection, non PmWiki, non-thumblist, you will see a similar pattern. 
For example check the source of http://5ko.free.fr/fr/duplitree.html 
where there are 2 pictures.

Rewriting pages by a proxy may cause many side effects, especially if 
your pages use JavaScript (Lightbox...).


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On 2016-01-21 13:55, ABClf wrote:
> Petko,
> please, can you explain the reason why, in your thumblist test pages
> (http://tl.5ko.fr/T/Sandbox7), the thumblists' url are using this kind
> of pattern (I'm pointing the part)  :
> I have this kind of url as well and I would like to have more natural
> url for loading thumbs.

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