[pmwiki-users] Too many pmwiki.php processes

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 05:59:43 CST 2016

Why are they complaining : because "too many" (quantitative) or
because "too heavy" (your sites cannibalize the server) ?

Maybe you use too heavy pagelists ? What I mean is X processes doesn't
tell us how much cpu eager they are (printing out a simple page vs
building a complex page from multiparameter pagelist). How many users
visiting your sites in the busy hours ?

In that case, if possible, you might be happy with fastcache recipe.
That's a must have for me as I use pagelists and ptv a lot. It works
nicely (40 visitors on the busy hours).
I never delete all cached pages ; I run a cron which delete 300 oldest
cached pages every day.

I have been in trouble with my host recently, when my pageindex was
lost for unknown reason : hard to rebuild one, process was taking all
cpu for minutes. Thus they blocked my site for a few hours. (Shared
host, "premium option", 2 cores, 2 go ram, 20 go ssd...).

My host didn't give me useful informations I can read to try to
understand what was going wrong ; just told me : run htop to see the
processes and cpu/memory usage.


2016-02-14 11:13 GMT+01:00 Rick Cook <rick at rickcook.name>:
> All,
> My hosting provider is complaining about "too many pmwiki.php processes" running from my PmWiki sites. By "too many", they meant more than 100. I have 10 or so sites active with this provider. With that many sites, having a 100 or more pmwiki.php processes doesn't seem excessive.
> Has anyone else had this type complaint from their hosting service?
> Thanks,
> Rick Cook
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