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Dear Peter, 

1. anonymous - the user who visits my site, has no
password, cannot log in without any password.
Is it a wrong

2. Initially I also installed
"Cookbook.UserAdminTemplates" and tried to modify the apperance of the
main menu as it is written on the hompage. I figured out, that I am
unable to modify, finally I looked into the code. There is a quite clean
definition, that if there is a templaet exists, than construction of the
main menu is skipped. (causing showing the same menu to both admin,
users, visitors [currently has no menu at all]) 

3. In the
"Cookbook.UserAdminTemplates" template you missed out the e-mail filed.
Therefore, the form that is currently defined cannot be used. This
caused me some disturbance. 

On the AuthUser page, for each user an
e-mail fieeld need to defined (I have tested this function with e-mail
fields defined, since I cannot expect good behaviour from in incomplete
set-up), I think this e-mail could also be used - without one explicitly
enter in on the form - to send the e-mail. Is not it? 

I hope that the
explanation is better know. If you need more details I could also share
more config settigns. 


2016-02-18 11:24 időpontban Peter Bowers
ezt írta: 

> On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 10:02 PM, Alex
<alexware at szokesandor.hu [1]> wrote:
>> I found some issues that I
would like to share:
>> - I do not understand how the recipe is
activated. I am using
>> useradmin-authuser.php
>> I modified
useradmin-core.php to echo debug message upon activation:
############################# start of cut
$RecipeInfo['UserAdmin']['Version'] = '2015-09-20';
>> if
(strncmp($action, 'user', 4) == 0)
>> SDV($HandleActions[$action],
>> function HandleUserAdmin($pagename, $auth =
'read') {
>> global $action, $UserAdmin;
>> echo "DEBUG: 
action: ".print_r($action,true)."
>> n";
SDV($UserAdmin->pagename, $pagename);
>> #############################
end of cut
>> When an anonymous user fires "action=user", it does not
display the
>> debug message. It also cause that an anonymous user
cannot access
>> resetpassword or unlock form! How can this happen? Am I
miss something?
> It has been quite some time since I have worked on
this recipe. By "anonymous user" do you mean users who have logged in
with a password but without a username? If so I will have to do some
testing - I don't use that particular capability often and so it is
likely the recipe is under-tested for these. 
>> - There is a
paragraph "Configuring the main menu for UserAdmin options"
>> There is
also a page for template definitions: Cookbook.UserAdminTemplates
I thought, that they are both needed at start, but found that there
>> some inconsistency issues with the forms:
>> 1. There is an
excellent mechanism, which menu item to display, to what
>> type of
user. If there is a form defined, it totally breaks this
>> definition.
Only one template can be used. :(
> Can you explain your concern in
more detail? For instance, "If I have X template defined then Y
functionality does not work". I am quite certain that I have tested
systems both WITH and WITHOUT templates defined as well as combinations
of the above, but clearly there is some edge condition that I have
> 2. When using the forms e.g
>> il
>> address also.
Therefore, it is not working with this "default" template.
>> I have
spent several minutes to figure it out. 
>> Email is a required field
since we use it in so many different areas to confirm identity (i.e., a
password reset is impossible without email using current functionality).
> the difficulty occurred during the migration period when you had
existing users defined without the email address being available? 


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