[pmwiki-users] ptv and forms

Benjamin Grassineau benjamingrassineau at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 14:03:08 CST 2016


A problem !

I use a form in order to create a research page. It works, but I can't get
the value of page text variables.

Example of form :

(:input form "http://labo.nonmarchand.org/pmwiki/" method:)
(:input hidden n 'Accueil.Recherche':)
(:input hidden group 'Blog':)
(:input hidden action search:)
(:input hidden $:RubriqueArticle '2':)
(:input hidden req 0:)
(:input submit value="Results":)
(:input end:)

The result in the adress bar is :


And it doesn't work. The value of *ptv_*RubriqueArticle is omitted.

But it works if I manually change the writing of ptv (*$:*RubriqueArticle)
in the adress bar as follow :


So my question is how can I get the value of ptv in a search form ?

Thanks if you have any solution.

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