[pmwiki-users] date on main page

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Dec 3 00:22:24 CST 2016


My Linux User group have pmwiki as main web site


We have meeting every two weeks, always.

I would like to keep anoucing the next meeting on the main page 
automatically ("Next meeting on Saturday XXXXX, from 14:00 to 18:00" for 

I did a similar thing many years ago on this page


(right top date) with a cron job to an html page

but it's really crude and probably not fitted for pmwiki

what could be the best way?

for example, we have a meeting on December 10 one and after that any 
other saturday

this script

for i in $(seq 0 20); do semaine=$((2*i)); date -d "20131228 $semaine 
week" +'* %A %d %B %Y'; done

is used to fill (manually) the meeting page:


any idea?

the server is openSUSE/Linux one and I'm the server admin


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