[pmwiki-users] svg files, want them attached/embed as "object" and not as images

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Aug 31 09:20:53 CDT 2016

Sorry for the late reply.

On 2016-08-22 22:00, ccox at endlessnow.com wrote:
> SVG's are really cool, except as "img" elements :)
> SVG's have more functionality as an "object" data.

I requested comments from the mailing list and all replies were in favor 
of including the SVG extensions to the <img/> tag format:

> If I've uploaded an SVG is there any way I can make that happen easily?
> I could always eliminate svg from the ImgExtPattern, but what I'd love 
> to
> be able to do somehow is wrap inside of a object.
> I'm ok if I have write my own markup to do this I suppose, but just 
> wanted
> to throw this out in case others have had to do the same.

Yes, you can eliminate svg from the ImgExtPattern, and write your own 
markup to do this. See these pages, you can start from there and adapt 
them for your needs:


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