[pmwiki-users] simple tables: vertical alignment

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Fri Aug 12 13:39:18 CDT 2016

I am wondering what people think about vertical alignment of cell
content in simple tables. Advanced tables have cell content vertical
aligned to top by default, simple tables do not. But I see no mention
of a simple way to top align cell content. I think one would need to
add a class with a css rule for this purpose, at present, to achieve
top alignments in all simple table cells. Maybe i am missing

Personally I find top aligned cell content more useful and more
pleasing than the default middle vertical alignment, if text content
goes over two or more lines, and even for an image in a cell I find it
nicer if it aligns to the top, and text in an adjacent cell aligns to
the top as well. What do you think?

Is it bad practise to have cell content top aligned by default for
simple table markup? I decided my new Amber skin should do this
by default. Any thoughts?


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