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Tami Hawes (PERA) tami.hawes at mnpera.org
Thu Aug 11 07:48:03 CDT 2016

Does anyone know of a way to run a report that will detail all of the changes made within a wiki site without going to each individual page?
I have more than one person updating in our wiki and would like documentation to keep track of the changes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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On 08/10/2016 09:37 PM, Petko Yotov wrote:
> On 2016-08-10 14:26, Johan Bengtsson wrote:
>> (:include Pagename lines=3:) # works fine
>> Now I try to include from "Troublepage" which is built by an include
>> from a third page:
>> (:include Troublepage lines=3:)
>> Instead of getting three lines I get everything that is included into
>> Troublepage. Is there any way to avoid this?
> The code you use will include the first 3 lines of wikitext from the
> remote page, as if they were written in the current page (only fixing
> page links and variables). Then this wikitext will be processed into
> HTML. So if Troublepage contains simply (:include Thirdpage:) then
> this first line will be included in the current page and then
> processed as if it were written here.
> If you want to include the first 3 lines from Thirdpage, use directly
> (:include Thirdpage lines=3:).

Well it's not really possible to do that, it's in a pagelist template.

(:include Troublepage lines=3:) | head -n 3

would be nice but maybe not possible:-)

I guess I have to find some other solution to my problem.

Best regards,
Johan Bengtsson

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