[pmwiki-users] New responsive skin: Amber

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Mon Aug 1 14:40:38 CDT 2016

Hello PmWiki community,

today I uploaded a new responsive skin design:

This skin adapts to mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screens
and is built using CSS3 and HTML5 elements, suitable for all modern browsers.
I was inspired by Petko's new 2016 skin, and this did grow out of it. 

This skin has the sidebar menu on the right side. On mobile screens the menu,
top actions and top search box are hidden and accessible via icons. The side
menu can also be opened and closed using left and right swipes. On mobile
screens it is fixed in position and can be scrolled if it is long. Tapping/
clicking on the main page area will also close any page elements previously

Check it out if you are interested, feedback is very welcome!

mailto:design1 at softflow.uk

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