[pmwiki-users] Moved wiki not loading (Cobblestone)

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sat Sep 26 12:12:49 CDT 2015

If for some reason the wiki.d directory can’t be read (read permissions?) this might explain what happened. 

Also, does your configuration file specify the library directories explicitly? If PmWiki can’t find the specified wiki.d library, it may default to the wikilib.d directory, which will make your wiki seem brand new.

Just some possibilities...

I would try installing a fresh copy of PmWiki and then, if it looks correct, replacing the wiki.d directory.


> I have moved web host and dutifully, I thought, copied everything.
> But when I load up my wiki page I do get a blank slate - without the wiki-contents from the old wiki showing. They are all there in the wiki.d folder.?
> Any ideas to the small (or big) things I have overlooked that prevents it from loading?
> http://lindevej.dk/oenskesedler/
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