[pmwiki-users] Multiple checkboxes

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Sep 23 13:35:23 CDT 2015

On 2015-09-22 18:51, Hans Bracker wrote:
> multiple input box ticking results in a PTV looking something like 
> this:
> Hobby: Travels,Photography,Music
> which then would not populate input defaults correctly, ie. it needs
> spaces between values not commas!
> How can we resolve this? I could add a Fox config variable
> "$FoxPTVArraySeparator", which could be set to a comma or a space or
> even a comma and a space or what ever. I am not sure what a change in
> the default from comma to space would break for sites updating
> fox.php.
> Could PmWiki have a similar configuration variable, so instead of a  
> space
> a comma could be used in a PTV holding array elements?

Yes, it could. The new feature was added recently and is not yet in the 
core documentation so we can change it.

Currently "space" is a separator but not so simple: one can quote 
strings containing spaces; this comes very handy from ParseArgs().

   (:input default name[] val1 "val 2" val3 val4:)
   -> note, may change!

Using a simple explode() with a separator is very easy but what happens 
if one of the values contains the separator?

Also, the current markup for all input elements:

   (:input ELEMENT name 1,2,3,4,somevalue:)

means that the "value" argument in the HTML input tag is 
"1,2,3,4,somevalue". It is not very consistent to have ONE way to define 
a value in (:input text name value:), (:input checkbox name value:) or 
any other element, and ANOTHER in (:input default name value:).

I also also think that an existing PTV in the page should be able to 
check/uncheck the checkboxes, by simply setting (:input default 

Let me think about it.


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