[pmwiki-users] PageList vs WikiForm for multi-line variables

Thierry pmwiki at lma.metelu.net
Sat Oct 3 14:06:54 CDT 2015


i am using pmwiki to manage various things for a while now and, well,
thanks a lot for this great tool!

I encountered a problem that i was not able to fix by myself: i am using
WikiForm to let the users create pages that define some page text
variables automatically. In particular, one of the variables is named
'Abstract', and the corresponding entry in the FormTemplate is 

:Abstract:abstract (text=10*62)

so that the user can enter a small multi-lines text, not a single line
(and the ViewTemplate understands that well).

In my PageList template, i want to list those pages according to some
variables (e.g. "Date", "Room", ...) and also print the content of the
"Abstract" variable, so i am using "{=$:Abstract}" in the

The problem is that, PageList only prints the first line of the abstract,
since, unlike WikiForm, it probably considers that only what is on the
same line that "^:Abstract:" is the content of the "Abstract" variable,
not the following lines.

My question is: how to let PageList understand that the content of the
"Abstract" field is all the lines that appear between ":Abstract:" and the
definition of the next variable in the page ?


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