[pmwiki-users] Multiple checkboxes

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Thu Oct 1 02:18:03 CDT 2015

> (:input default $:Hobby[] {(foxfixptv $:Hobby)}:)
> (:input checkbox $:Hobby[] Travels:) Travels
> (:input checkbox $:Hobby[] Photography:) Photography
> (:input checkbox $:Hobby[] Music:) Music

just to add to this, bringing in info from another thread:
(:input ...:) and (:input default ...:) allows values in double
quotes, and Fox will now preserve the quotes when posting a list.
So we can have

(:input default $:Music[] {(foxfixptv $:Music)}:)
(:input checkbox $:Music[] Classical:) Classical
(:input checkbox $:Music[] "Rhythm & Blues" :) Rhythm & Blues
(:input checkbox $:Music[] "Rock'n'Roll":) Rock'n'Roll

which can be posted and displayed as the default

Music: Classical "Rhythm & Blues" "Rock'n'Roll"
Music: Classical, "Rhythm & Blues", "Rock'n'Roll"
Music: Classical,"Rhythm & Blues","Rock'n'Roll"

or other suitable separators.

If all PTVs containing lists with items separated by space, then
in a Fox form the use of foxfixptv is not necessary, and in the
example (:input default $:Music[] {$:Music}:) can be used.

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