[pmwiki-users] Does ptvclear work with foxcheck ?

Benjamin Grassineau benjamingrassineau at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 13:38:05 CST 2015

Hello everybody
A question about the cookbook fox.

When I'm using foxcheck, I can't save an empty field. Even if I put
Example :

(:fox test:)
(:foxptv ptvclear=1 target={*$FullName}:)
(:foxcheck name=ptv_test regex='.*' msg="%red%doesn't work !":)
(:input text $:test:)
(:input submit post:)
(:foxend test:)

The result is : "doesn't work" if I try to save with an empty field, and I
can't clear the page text variable.

Is there a regular expression wich allows this ? Or, an other solution ?
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