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Joël Quinqueton joel.quinqueton at univ-montp3.fr
Fri Nov 6 12:25:51 CST 2015

Hy everybody,

I use Pmwiki for my professional web site and I try to understand the PHP code in order to make a "pmwiki viewer" able to display pmwiki pages put by a ftp client in the wiki.d folder.
It is a way to put pmwiki pages on a mirroring server where the Internet Access Provider does not allow to create a 2777 folder.
I did not find such a package on the web (but if you know one, I am interested, of course).
My idea is to make an index.php file with pieces of the pmwiki.php file, plus of course some elements of the 'scripts' folder
My first idea was to include a simplified version of the PageStore class, but I am not sure it is necessary: the PageRead function should do the job, don't she?

Or maybe somebody already made such a mode?

Joel Quinqueton
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