[pmwiki-users] multiple 'edit' links appear & 'editors' can't create pages

chris at christopherbartels.com chris at christopherbartels.com
Tue Nov 3 17:28:40 CST 2015


I have a new Softaculous installation & am having the following problems for which I’m unable to find a solution.

My admin logon homepage has multiple ‘edit’ links at the top of the screen, which appear to share the same URL. Don’t know why or how to fix it. See footnote [1] for a screenshot.

I’ve created multiple links in the sidebar, which ‘editors’ are prohibited from editing. The problem is that ‘editors’ are currently unable to create the pages these link to, only ‘admin’ can for some reason. I don’t know what file or what setting to change to allow them to.

I’ve created entries in PageActions to disallow ‘editors’ from changing the top tab pages offered through my theme, & don’t know if I’ve done it correctly- maybe that’s why I have so many ‘edit’ links on my front page, I don't know. See footnote [2] for pastebin content.

I’ve also included a link to my config.php in case that’s relevant. See footnote [3] for pastebin content.

Please advise.




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