[pmwiki-users] Trying to revive an old wiki

Anders Troberg troberg.anders at gmail.com
Tue May 26 02:46:21 CDT 2015

First of all, greetings from a new mailing list member, but a long time user (since, I think, 2003). The fact that I have not, until now, felt a need to register on the mailing list, is, as far as I can see, an excellent testament to quality of PmWiki. It's powerful, configurable, and once set up, it just keeps ticking without any problems. Great work!

Now, however, I've got a problem.

I'm trying to revive a wiki from a server that died years ago (2.0, from 2005), so I can salvage some of the contents and put in my current wiki (2.2.72). I'm prepared to manually copy the topic text, it's a bit of work, but doable, it's only about 200 topics and maybe half of them is to be salvaged.
So, I do this:

1. Copy the wiki to my new web server.

2. Set the apropriate permissions (all, as it's put on my internal network, so only I can reach it).

3. Log on to it.

At this point, I expected to see the wiki. It's something I've done before with other wikis, and it's always worked.

However, I find most topics empty. Only a few, maybe one in twenty, has any contents. If I look at the files in wiki.d, all the text is in there and looks OK. I can't find anything different between the working topics and the blank topics.

Yikes! What's going on, and how do I fix it???


Anders Troberg

troberg.anders at gmail.com

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