[pmwiki-users] Installing UserAdmin

erik burggraaf burggraaferik at gmail.com
Fri May 1 19:25:05 CDT 2015


I'm nearly done installing UserAdmin.

I have the two coolbook recipe files downloaded, renamed, and uploaded to my cookbook directory.
I have my include added to config.php 
I have my members group added to my authuser page.

I downloaded the Main menu template from useradmin templates and got that up and working.

In the main menu template, the login link works, because we have an action set up for login.  But the new user page doesn't work because I haven't set up the action for new user yet presumabley.  I see the new user form template, but I don't see where to put it.

There are no instructions for the templates.  I just put the main menu into a wiki page and low, it worked, but where do I put the new form template?



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