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michael paulukonis xraysmalevich at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 09:18:47 CDT 2015

[apologies if this is a repost; I originally sent it on March 101 haven't
seen it appear in the mail archives]

Is there some reason that GuiButtons cannot be setup in a skin.php file?

On a local installation I have, with a custom skin, I could not get this to
The ultimate goal is to have some skin-specific edit buttons, providing
markup that only works with the skin.

If I put the GuiButton markup into config.php it works.
Putting it into skin.php and nothing seems to happen (no errors that I can
see, but no output, either).

I moved $EnableGuiButtons = 1; to precede the skin setup, but that had no

Markup that I have defined in skin.php works just fine. What am I missing?

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