[pmwiki-users] PHP version for PmWiki

Bernard Bel bernarbel at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 08:27:10 CDT 2015


I was a subscriber of this list in 2012 after enthusiastically converting old wikis to PmWiki.  I have just subscribed again because I am facing a serious problem. My apologies if the issue has already been raised on this list!

In France, OVH, the foremost service provider, announced that after 24 September 2015 they will no longer support PHP 5.3 and earlier versions.

I upgraded the wikis I am in charge of and noticed that they still run under PHP 5.3.  Version 5.4 yields error messages due to an obsolete manner of passing variable pointers in functions. In my conventional web design, for instance, I had to replace calls such as




I notice that PHP code is often using the '&' addressing and it does not look easy to change all occurrences...

So, my question is: is there a chance that we get a new version of PmWiki supporting PHP >= 5.4 before September 24?

Otherwise, which new piece of software should we use to migrate from the obsolete PmWiki?

Your advice will be greatly appreciated!

Bernard Bel <bernard.bel at lpl-aix.fr>
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