[pmwiki-users] accent problem in page name

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Jun 15 11:44:48 CDT 2015


On a way to upgrade PmWiki, I tried simply to copy the wiki folder to my 
local disk with Dolphin.

I got copy error (abort retry ignore) on pages with accented characters 
like this one:


I try to avoid such page name, but it's pretty difficult when one is 
trained not to forget accents in words in the native language :-).

I also have the problem with image file names.

In Dolphin (through fish://), accents shows perfectly well. I can copy 
as well such files locally.

in a ssh terminal,


the accents shows as question marks.

I guess it's a problem of characters encoding.

Asfar as I know the two side systems are utf8. The files a recent (last 
week), but PmWiki itself come as often upgraded old install.

I do know if it's a bug or even if it's a pmwiki problem.

any idea?


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