[pmwiki-users] Algebraic SUM (and CURSUM) in SortableTables

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu Jun 11 03:59:07 CDT 2015

SortableTables recipe has a great feature, far beyond its sortable
magic: its ability to sum all the numbers in a column, which is very
practical in many situations.

Yet I found that it adds the numbers without taking care of their
possible minus sign. Thus one cannot use it for instance in listing
some balance entries.

I tried and cast a glance to the code, and found that perhaps a line
in the script
    nval = parseFloat( cv.match(/\d*[,.]?\d+/) );
is responsible for getting the values, and it could be adapted to
read/understand a possible minus sign if attached just in front of the
But really mine is just a guess, as I cannot properly read the code.

As I think such a feature is useful and unique somehow in Pmwiki, I
dare to ask if there could be a fix. Possibly it is just a regular
expression match.



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