[pmwiki-users] name a page Gb or GB makes encoding chinese issue (fastcache recipe involved)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Jun 10 13:31:25 CDT 2015

I suspect this is the Apache "content negociation" feature which thinks 
a file named *.gb is in the GB2312 encoding, so you may need to 
configure it.

See/try the solutions provided here:

   http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/content-negotiation.html (check your 
Apache version)


On 2015-06-10 18:17, ABClf wrote:
> I'm struggling for hours with an annoying and strange encoding issue 
> for a
> few pages, at this time only for pages which are cached by fastcache 
> recipe
> AND (that is the funny part) are named Gb or GB (my initials).
> This is probably be a fastcache recipe limited issue, but there is
> something very special here as it sounds like it does happen only for 
> pages
> names Gb or GB, no matter the group they belong to (tested with Profils 
> and
> Test).
> For these pages, when user is anonym, fastcache quickly serves a cached
> version of the page where special characters have become chinese ones.
> For other pages, including GbTest, all is fine (if I'm not wrong).
> After struggling and struggling, I found out that gb2312 and gbk (and 
> maybe
> others) are chinese encoding and I guess I have found the culprit ; 
> thus it
> might have to do with some function used by fastcache for generating 
> its
> cached page. Many of them use PmWiki mecanism.
> What do you think ? is "gb" used for pagename the culprit ?
> Any idea how to fix it, or do I have to change my name ? ;)

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