[pmwiki-users] Any issues with PHP 5.6?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Jun 10 13:20:24 CDT 2015

Yes, there are two major changes which affect PmWiki.

1. Since PHP 5.5, the preg_replace() function should no longer be used 
with an "/e" evaluation modifier. PmWiki relied heavily on this feature 
to perform Markup evaluations. You should upgrade to at least PmWiki 
2.2.58 where the core supports but no longer requires this feature. You 
should also probably upgrade all your recipes and skins to their latest 
versions. Unfortunately some of these are not yet updated by their 
maintainers. See the page Troubleshooting and CustomMarkup if you need 
to fix them yourself:


2. Since PHP 5.6, the PHP crypt() function should no longer be used 
without a second "salt" parameter. PmWiki relied heavily on this 
function to create and check password hashes. You should upgrade to at 
least PmWiki 2.2.75 where I added a pmcrypt() function as a safe 
replacement for crypt() and the core will work. You should also check 
any recipes or local customization and replace any call to "crypt()" 
with "pmcrypt()".

Please read also the pages Upgrades and ReleaseNotes before upgrading:


If you have any difficulties, tell us.


On 2015-06-10 14:34, pce at accesswave.ca wrote:
> My ISP is updating his version of PHP from 5.4 to 5.6 in a few days.
> I was wondering if this is going to impact pmWiki at all. My current
> version is 2.2.35 (I know, it's very old but it works and there hasn't
> been any pressing need for me to update.)

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