[pmwiki-users] Local Storage

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Sun Jul 19 17:15:53 CDT 2015

Local Storage [1] is an easy and practical html5 tool, yet I am not
sure that I understand how to move its values to and from PTVs.
Actually, moving a value from a PTV to Local Storage seems to be easy,
more or less along this line:


Instead, I completely fail to move a value from Local Storage to a PTV.
Something like:
(:html:)<script>document.getElementById("my_variable").innerHTML =

does not work, and I cannot imagine how to.

Yet, Local Storage is so interesting (often a better alternative to
cookies) that I strive to find a way.



[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_storage#Local_and_session_storage

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