[pmwiki-users] Access to Profiles group gets redirected

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 17:14:42 CDT 2015

I would suggest, as a first step, you disable your config.php (rename it),
then recheck your website.

If all is fine, thus you have to control your config file, especially what
is related to rights and users.

I suspect you will have to reread documentation about user authentification
script you use.
Profiles group might be protected such a way non logged in visitors will be
redirected to default page.


2015-07-15 23:34 GMT+02:00 Alex <alexware at szokesandor.hu>:

> Hi Everybody,
> I have a silly situation. I have just installed a brand new pmwiki and
> after creating some User pages in the Profiles group, I cannot access
> without logging in.I can read and edit after logging in.
> When I request the page e.g.
> http://eltajolok.hu/index.php?n=Profiles.Alex It gets redirected to the
> default group.home page.... Why???
> The other strange thing is the cookbook analyze.php. I have installed
> and added the secret code, but does not work....
> I have pmwiki-2.2.77.tgz installed.
> Alex
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