[pmwiki-users] How to avoid a redirect after posting a Fox form

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Wed Jul 15 16:30:29 CDT 2015

> I am not sure what you are asking for the fox.php script to do.

Nor am I, Hans ;-)
I just tried to describe the issue but, lacking knowledge about the
internals of such things, I (sorry) failed to build a clear,
definitive question.

> I know nothing about Ajax and modal pages

I also know next to nothing about them but, as far as I could tell,
they sometimes prove to be useful tools for specific tasks.
Recipes like Petko's DragDropMultiUpload, Flipbox or Mini are just few examples.

In my case, while filling a long Fox form on a page (say it is about
an hotel booking), I might have the need to quickly fill small forms
about ancillary topics (say expenses related to that booking).
So, by clicking on a "add expense" link, a window opens above the
booking page, loading another form from another page and enabling for
a fast input of a couple of fields. Then, by posting the data, the
window should close and the hotel booking form should return to be

Anyway, as far as I could find today, my issue is just a matter of
javascript (as opposed to php).
Once I get the thing working, will let you see :-)
In the meanwhile, always thanks Hans!


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