[pmwiki-users] (no subject)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jul 2 13:56:15 CDT 2015

You may have hardcoded the variable $WorkDir into something that starts 
with /home2/ which probably worked in the previous setting but not 

In config.php just comment out the line with $WorkDir and let PmWiki try 
to figure it out. Or, figure out why and how to set it correctly: I feel 
it might start with /home/ if you have to use absolute paths, or you may 
try setting a relative path (relative to pmwiki.php).

Check also for hardcoded variable $UploadDir.


On 2015-07-02 20:37, Carlos AB wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a cpanel account and apparently my hosting company offer
> servers without ddos protection.
> For some of the preventive measures, they have changed my server ip
> and since I use cloudflare ... Bummer.
> Once I started to get on my feet again, I found out I could not stand
> completely.
> PmWiki complains about permissions on a folder called "/home2" while
> using mkdir() on line 587 and the error shows up in the front page in
> portuguese.
> I believe it loads XLPage.PmWikiPtBr and translates the error in the 
> front page.
> I still use version 2.2.71 .
> I don't know what else to do or think.
> PmWiki oracle, please advise.
> TIA,
> Carlos

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