[pmwiki-users] Just found out that my wiki title is enormous

Moni Kellermann kellerfrau at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 00:30:36 CST 2015

Am 06.02.2015 um 04:14 schrieb erik burggraaf:
> Apparently, the title is covering up the tabs in the top bar and is
> extremely visually distracting.  If you want to see how it looks,
> visit http://www.erik-burggraaf.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php
> Any ideas on how I can tone this thing down?

Hi, Eric!

In http://www.erik-burggraaf.com/pmwiki/pub/skins/enlighten/default.css

line 169 font: bold 50px 'Trebuchet MS', Sans-serif;

Just reduce the value for the font.

Another problem is that the text sits in the logo box, it doesn't 
stretch across the whole header with that skin. The width of the logo 
box is defined in line 163.

Kind regards,
moni k.

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