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> On Aug 11, 2015, at 5:16 PM, Frank Martinez <frankdmartinez at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has Anyone successfully installed PMwiki on a Mac running 10.10? If so, how?
I have not.  I have two pmwiki installations on shared web servers; However, I will try to help you out.

First: This is a list for discussion of pmwiki full of people who can help you with any issues you may have.  Welcome to the group.  We do best at helping you when you report a specific problem, platform information, steps to reproduce and any other information directly related.

For example, The following is likely to get you a useful response:

"when installing pmwiki latest stable 2.XX on mac OS 10.10.4 I read an instruction which tells me to place the pmwiki folder in ~/sites.  
Where is the ~ folder?
I understand that ~ refers to my home folder but there is no sites folder.  What do I do?
I placed my pmwiki folder in ~/sites but when I enter http://localhost <http://localhost/> into my browser I get an error "text of error".

The following is not likely to get you a useful response.
> "Also, would it be possible to not mark the installation page as "basic"? The use of the word "basic" essentially tells People, "If You can't figure this out, You may as well lay down and die," and since the instructions are clearly not up to date I think it's an unhelpful message to send, even if unintentionally done."
I myself am a very basic user.  I'm a mamber of a lot of groups for various things and this is one of the friendliest, most helpful, and least judgemental of all the groups I deal with.  I understand your frustration, but venting won't help.  Pointing to detales in the documentation and asking if they are current or why they don't work is constructive and liable to get you a responce here.  pointing a finger at us and calling us overbaring and unhelpful in your first message requesting help is not.

Now having said all that, the basic instalation instructions made quite a lot of sense to me when I read them 10 months ago, and they still made sense a couple months back when I performed my first upgrade.  One issue might be that the instructions assume you have already installed and configured a web server and php at the very least.  They also assume that you know how to set permissions and that you have experience editing a configuration file, recognizing that many of the instructions for configuring a pmwiki instalation reside there.  

Since you really didn't tell us anything about steps you have taken, articles and things that you have read with links to them, or errors you encountered, I'm wondering if you have set up the web server and php on your mac OS 10.10 installation.  These are installed by default, but not enabled for security reasons and of course, not configured.  The following apple support communities article gives detaled directions on how to configure web server and php.

https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3083 <https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3083>

Finally, it should be noted that the pmwiki documentation is editable.  Once you have experience on a topic, IE instalations, you can propose changes to the wording, updates to the information and so on.  You may even be able to make those changes and updates yourself depending on the permissions set up in the documentation wiki.

I know what  it's like to sink your teeth into a project, but it's OK to take breaks, sip a beer for half an hour when things get frustrating, and try to get some new perspective.  After all, if you can give us more details about specific issues you are having or questions about the docs you are reading, I or some one else will do our best to help you.


> Thanks.
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