[pmwiki-users] Make flv module php >= 5.5 compatible

Jean-Pierre Chrétien jeanpierre.chretien at free.fr
Thu Aug 6 10:37:02 CDT 2015

Petko Yotov <5ko <at> 5ko.fr> writes:

> It would be
>    before:   '$1$2'
>    after :   \$m[1].\$m[2]
> (no quotes, dot between them)

Ok, so I edited the Markup command, here is the diff:

-Markup('flv', '<urllink', 
-  "/\\b(?>(\\L))([^\\s$UrlExcludeChars]+\\.flv)/e",
-  "Keep(\$GLOBALS['LinkFunctions']['$1'](\$pagename,'$1',\
+Markup_e('flv', '<urllink', 
+  "/\\b(?>(\\L))([^\\s$UrlExcludeChars]+\\.flv)/",
     \$GLOBALS['FlvTagFmt']), 'L')");

No more errors about deprecated "e" modifier, but the recipe simply does not
work, the flv video does not appear.

I will check if swf.php works.


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