[pmwiki-users] Attributes form

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Aug 3 21:28:55 CDT 2015

On 2015-08-04 04:01, Brian Tibbels wrote:
> After a lengthy search I found the form to change the attributes of a 
> page
> in the pmwiki.php script. Is it possible to override the function
> PrintAttrForm($pagename) in the config.php script as I need to change 
> the
> formatting i.e. the way it is presented.

Yes, in config.php use something like:

   $HandleAttrFmt = array(&$PageStartFmt,&$PageAttrFmt,
     'function:MyAttrForm', &$PageEndFmt);

   function MyAttrForm($pagename) {
     # your function to be called instead of PrintAttrForm()


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