[pmwiki-users] UserAdmin release, testers needed

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Wed Apr 29 06:35:19 CDT 2015

After a hiatus of more than 4 years, UserAdmin has been updated.


This recipe offers the capability of users auto-registering and editing
their own information (password reset, etc.). It also includes the
capability of storing additional data fields such as an email, a real name,
etc. It provides some key functionality and would be a real step forward to
get it into a full production state. It also provides a nice admin
dashboard to administrate users.

Most of the time I put into it just now was to get the profiles version
caught up to the core (after I broke it 4 years ago) so there are few
changes other than that.  My main hold-up is simply finding the time to
test and identify problems.

What is needed is for a few people to try it out and report back on what
the "show-stopper" issues are. (Being able to report *exactly* how to
reproduce the problem is *very* helpful.)

Anybody interested in doing some testing?

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