[pmwiki-users] Listing pages by their category

Simon nzskiwi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 18:12:52 CDT 2015

I would like to list a group of pages (e.g. cooking recipes) by their

This turned out to be harder that I thought it would be.

My approach needs a nested pagelist,

You can see the approach here

The major issue is that I can't hide the category section headings if there
are no pages from the group in that category, as far as I can see, with
nesting a further pagelist.
It seems to be access the a variable which returns the number of pages for
a set of pagelist parameters would be useful, e.g along the lines of the
syntactically incorrect
(:if equal (:pagelist link=x/y fmt=count:) 0:)

I'd welcome any suggestions on this


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