[pmwiki-users] IP change

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Tue Apr 7 16:43:24 CDT 2015

I think I see the problem. See below.

On 8/04/15 1:05 AM, Jont Allen wrote:
> ...
> http://hear.ai.uiuc.edu/Djvu/Allen/    <--- OLD
> must map to:
> http://auditorymodels.org/GEAR/Djvu/Allen/  <--- NEW
> I assume that the markup would be:
> Markup('urlmap', '<links', 'hear.ai.uiuc.edu', 
> 'auditorymodels.org/GEAR/');
I think the trailing / is superfluous.
> So I made this change in the config.php file. Then I went to:
> and clicked on the pdf link
> which is:
> http://hear.ai.uiuc.edu/public/Toscano-Allen-JSLHR-2014.pdf
> But this did not resolve to auditorymodels....
> Instead it went to:
> http://hear.ai.uiuc.edu/public/Toscano-Allen-JSLHR-2014.pdf
> which is a dead link
The page source reads:

#Toscano, Joseph and Allen, Jont B (2014) ''Across and within consonant 
errors for isolated syllables in noise,'' Journal of Speech, Language, 
and Hearing Research, Accepted July 25, 2014; 

The important bit is [[Public:Toscano-Allen-JSLHR-2014.pdf|pdf]]

This means there is a local/intermap.txt or local/farmmap.txt file which 
is mapping Public: into http://hear.ai.uiuc.edu/public/.

You will need to edit this file and replace the old url stem with the 
new one. In the intermap text file, change hear.ai.uiuc.edu to 

This should fix your problem I think.


John Rankin

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