[pmwiki-users] IP change

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Mon Apr 6 21:14:46 CDT 2015

Let's start with the example from your Main HomePage source:

<--- Here is a ref to the old "dead" URL

Question: What does this reference need to be in the new site?

The Markup( ... ) command says to PmWiki, "Wherever you find this old
string, treat it as this new string when you render the page, but do this
before you evaluate link markup, ie [[stuff in square brackets]], so the
link renders the new address, not the old address."

The Markup call needs to be constructed so that it correctly changes all
old-style links into the correct new-style links. Thus we need to know
exactly what the old and new style urls look like, so we can construct the
correct replacement rule.

Hope that makes sense.


> Hi John
> I added the Markup() command to ~/local/config.php, and it did change
> things, but not as expected.
> I feel I need some hand-holding in this process. I have no idea what I'm
> doing.
> My site was seriously hacked. I think they got passwords, and changed
> something. I'm trying to recover. I belive its now clean,
> but I'm not sure its working properly.
> I dont know any PHP, and I'm a bit working by rote. A few small helping
> comments would be of great assistance.
> On 04/06/2015 05:25 PM, John Rankin wrote:
>> If the old url is encoded as Peter indicates:
>> [[http://www.example.com/wiki/Main.HomePage]]
>> then you could set up a local markup rule to make an automatic
>> redirection. In local/config.php, add the following:
>> Markup('urlmap', '<links', 'www.olddomain.org','www.newdomain.org');
>> This will cause pmwiki to link to the new address whenever the old one
>> appears in the page source.

John Rankin

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