[pmwiki-users] Calculated PTV in forms

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Sun Sep 21 05:19:54 CDT 2014

I've now updated fox.php so it replaces variables in Fox forms
like {$$:someptv} with {$$ptv_someptv}. Both ways can be used to refer
to fields which are designated for PTV additions or replacements.
This  should  be  more  intuitiv, as one does not need to remember the
ptv_ prefix PmWiki adds for the HTML form field name.

example from a form:
Enter number x: (:input text name=$:X :)\\
Enter number y: (:input text name=$:Y :)
(:input hidden name=$:Sum value="{$$(add {$$:X} {$$:Y})}":)

download from


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