[pmwiki-users] Calling System Functions

ccox at endlessnow.com ccox at endlessnow.com
Fri Sep 5 10:50:13 CDT 2014

> I should add that my goal is to call WGet, so that I wouldn't have to
> download a file and reupload.

I wrote this:


Let me know if this does what you need.


(:snagurl url=http://blahblahblah/blah.file:)

This will place the blah.file as if you uploaded it to your wiki.  There
are options to force a re-get... the idea is to snag something that tends
to go away (the Internet is always changing)

The "/usr/local/wiki" thing replaces the /bin/cat (do nothing) filter with
a filter from /usr/local/wiki/your-filter-name.  This is nice when you
need to snag the data and reformat it somehow.

Windows pmwiki users can safely ignore this post...

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