[pmwiki-users] Displaying one page's source markup on another page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Oct 27 15:16:42 CDT 2014

Something like this in config.php may work:

$FmtPV['$Source'] = 'PreserveSource("$group.$name")';
function PreserveSource($pn) {
   $page = RetrieveAuthPage($pn, 'read', false, READPAGE_CURRENT);
   return "[@{$page['text']}@]";

Then in a wiki page, use



On 25.10.2014 17:16, Randy Brown wrote:
> Is there a way for one page to display another page's source markup,
> without that markup being formatted? I have an edit template page
> whose unformatted markup I'd like to display on a different page.
> I can see why such a capability might be a security hole if
> action=source is restricted, but maybe there is a way to do it via a
> markup expression that restricts which pages can be displayed.
> Randy

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